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1 Peter: Walk the Talk

Transformation—the process of becoming holy—begins in your mind. We will see in this seven-session Bible study that the apostle Peter shows us how to begin to think differently, which will radically affect our behavior. We all make split-second decisions in any given moment to do right or wrong. To choose right, we must learn to be obedient to God, which will give us an appetite for being good. This kind of obedience will create a radical change in our relationships, so that our quality of life will improve. Finally, we will learn how to prepare for suffering that inevitably comes to everyone, as we trust a loving God who has promised to take care of us.

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Session Six

Get Ready for a Rough Ride
Things get rough from time and time, but you can prepare yourself for the difficult days ahead.
1 Peter 4:1–19

This study of 1 Peter 4 will help prepare you in advance for the tough times that surely are ahead.

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